Home Improvement is Money in Your Pocket

In most situations, improving your home is money in your pocket. One exception might be in improving a manufactured home. For mostly illogical reasons, manufactured homes tend to lose value over time instead of the other way around as in stick build homes. This is illogical because manufactured homes are built according to strict building codes. Sometimes these codes are more stringent then the ones in a county the home is being built in. For instance, in Phoenix Arizona where there are many manufactured homes, many of which are owned by retired or semi-retired snow birds, they are built by a code at least as stringent if not more so then the codes of Maricopa County.

Kitchen and bath remodels are popular. You can save a great deal of money, hence enhance your return upon the sale of your property by doing the work yourself. No need to be intimidated by such things as tiling, painting, laying flooring, landscaping, and even some plumbing and electric. There is so much DYI information on the internet and elsewhere that you can learn how to do these things. And remember, practice makes perfect. I’m a petite woman and have learned to do everything from laying flooring, to tiling, installing new plumbing, framing walls etc. etc. If I can do it you can do it.

In my area of Phoenix Arizona there are many opportunities still to purchase foreclosed and discounted properties. This scenario may not last as prices are moving up. If you have the time and the knowledge you can turn a best deal fixer upper into a retirement account. My advice is to find a good realtor. One that gets up early in the morning to catch the best deals, before other buyers find them. ┬áDon’t hesitate when you find the steal of a deal because it may not be there tomorrow. Haste makes waste.