Ain’t Nothing Like a Party Down South…

IGTM: Ain't Nothing Like a Party Down South

So I have been moonlighting as a photographer’s assistant.  My great friend Kelly has a very successful photography business Moments Captured by Kelly Renee.  Every now and then she requests my “expert assistant skills”.

Basically, I follow Kelly around with all her stuff and do anything that she needs.  I actually love being the assistant!  I love weddings.  Everyone is “usually” happy and excited. As an added bonus, I get to eat wedding cake!  Who can say no to wedding cake?

Over the weekend, Kelly requested my assistant skills. Of course, I jumped at the chance.  The wedding ceremony took place at a beautiful church right on the inlet.  The reception was held right next to the church at a private residence.

When we first got there, I mentioned to Kelly that this area looked so familiar.


1. I have not eaten red meat or pork in twenty years.

2. I stopped drinking alcohol six ago years ago.  I drank like it was my job.

3. I have not had a cig in almost six years.  I smoked like a chimney.

4. I eat very little cheese or dairy in that matter.

But, I do have a few vices that I do not see myself giving up anytime soon.

1. Diet Mountain Dew: I know it’s horrible for you, but I NEED it.

2. Candy: Dark Chocolate, mints, and fruity candy to be exact.

3. Trash Television: I love most of the shows on Bravo.  The Real Housewives Series, Southern Charm, Below Deck, etc.  But, my latest obsession has been Party Down South on CMT.

So Kelly informed me that right next door to the reception site was the actual house that Party Down South was filmed.  My jaw hit the floor! I was beyond excited.  I knew the area looked familiar.

After the reception was over, I talked Kelly into taking my picture in front of the Party Down South house.  She was a little hesitant, but I INSISTED!  For your viewing pleasure…